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A resources page filled with any questions you may have regarding what branding is, more in-depth explanations of my services, what working together would look like before, during, and after your service, and any other terms or details you may want to know. Try the search bar to the right if you're having issues finding something.



What is a Brand?

The literal term "Brand" or "Branding" has a mixed and varied understanding depending on where you live or what industry you're in, but the following terms are defined to the best of my abilities and relevant to how my services support and build your Brand. Dictionary Definition of Brand:

  1. a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name
  2. an indentifying mark burned on livestock (not relevant for us, but has to do with the history of the term!)
Business Definition of a Brand : A brand is the way a company, organization, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. This perception comes from a combination of:
  1. Visual Cues – Unique designs, signs, symbols, or words that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors
  2. Experiences – Whether in person, online, through packaging, or customer service, etc.
Over time this becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer's mind. Essentially, for how we're utilizing the term, Branding is a visual and experiential business tool to leverage your marketing, messaging, and perceived commerical value. What's the Point? People make purchasing decisions based off how they perceive a product or service will make them feel. Effective Brand Identities set that tone and feeling.

What is the Brand Identity Process?

My Brand Identity Process has been developed over the years to help me get a clear idea of what my clients truly want, even when they're unable to fully describe it themselves. The reason this process works so well is it blends...

  • Quality visual design rooted in marketing research and strategy
  • Step-by-step collaborative process that allows owners to be involved, avoiding disappointing and uncomfortable design surprises at the end
  • Establishes a solid foundation to build off of – once we look at your brand from a distance, anything we design after is easy.
The Brand Identity Process Looks Like...
  • 1 hour In-Depth Consultation
  • 3 x Mood Board options
  • 3 x Extensive Brand Identity options
  • 1-3 Rounds of Revisions
  • 1-3 Pieces of Collateral (Depending on Choice and Content, See Collateral for more details.)
  • Set Brand Guidelines
  • All Brand Assets and Files you need to continue building consistent Brand Equity with or without me
Learn More on my Services Page or see Examples in my Portfolio.

Do you offer any other Services?

No, I only offer the Brand Identity Process package. This process has been so effective in meeting my clients' needs for years, that it is now the only service package I offer. I do however, offer upgrading your package to Add On Product & Packaging Development, Web Design, or Social Media Marketing, all of which include and start with The Brand Identity Process. Existing clients also have the option of hiring me at an hourly rate for to act as a Brand Director. To learn more, visit my Services Page.

What do I need to get started?

We require paid Deposit and Signed Terms prior to starting. Receipt of both allows scheduling of 1-Hour in-Depth Brand Consultation. You can schedule your one time 15 min. Free Consult at any time.

Do you work hourly?

No, but sometimes yes. Unfortunately at this time, I do not take on any new projects at an hourly rate without a Service Package first. If however, you exceed the alotted Revision Rounds and hourly range during our build out of your Collateral, then we will continue on at an hourly rate of $125. This hourly rate is only for existing clients during the Brand Identity Process or for any work done directly in relation after.

What happens after my Service Package?

Following your Service Package, I'll wrap up all your files, send your Brand Assets, your set Brand Guidelines, and close out your Package. At this point you should have everything you need to carry on a strong cohesive Brand, with or without me. (It's okay, different designers for different needs and budgets, I totally understand!) Because of the amount of work I pour into every Brand Identity Process, unfortunately I'm no longer available to provide direct hourly or project-by-project design services. However, if you'd like to continue having me involved in your brand (woohoo!), then I can work with your team acting similar to a Brand Director. What Does this Mean?

  • I would work with your team, providing clear design direction, feedback, revisions, and suggestions to ensure the Brand stays consistent.
  • Depending on the acces I have to your files, there may be overlap and times when I need to jump in approach the design hands on.
Who does the design work? This would be up to your team! Options include...
  • DIY designing it
  • Hiring an in-house designer
  • Hiring an independent contractor designer
  • $175/hr
  • $950 for 6 Sessions
  • Flat Monthly Retainer Rates available upon request

What Brand Assets are included?

Exact Brand Assets will vary, but may include:

  • Logo Files
  • Logo Variation Files
  • Font Files
  • Color Palette & PMS codes
  • Commonly Used Headline Graphics
  • Branded Graphic Vectors*
  • Stock Photography*
  • Graphic Illustrations*
  • Call out stamps
Files may be provided in EPS, JPG, PNG, or PDF as requested, in any colors needed or requested. *Delivery of these assets are dependent on brand, stock photo fees or copyright, graphic illustration fees or copyright, etc. and are provided based on importance to maintaining Brand consistency. (In otherwords, not every icon, asset, illustration, photo, or piece used in mock up will necessarily be provided. Only assets that are vital and part of brand design will be provided. Other assets may be provided upon request, depending on fee or copyright situation.)

What are my Collateral options?

Any of the following examples could be a possible Collateral option. Exact pieces can be determined during the Brand Consultation. The number of collateral pieces provided will range depending on how many hours each piece will take, totaling to 8-10 hours of work. To calculate what possible collateral choices could include, see the Collateral section in my Services Page. Collateral Examples:

  • Branded Decks:
    • Pitch Deck
    • Sales Deck
    • Investor Decks
  • Company Collateral:
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • E-Mail Signatures
  • Sales Collateral
    • Sales Sheets
    • In-Take Forms
    • Order Forms
  • Promotional Material:
    • Postcards
    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Brochures
    • Pamphlets
  • Social Media Assets:
    • Profile Photo
    • Cover Photo
    • Canva template/s
    • Instagram curation
    • Youtube curation
    • Assets for RangeMe, Linkedin, etc.
  • Website Assets:
    • Banners
    • Headline Graphics
    • Custom Button Graphics
  • Website Design Mockups or Implementation
    • *Will incur added fee, best tackled as a separate project
  • Tradeshow Material
    • Background Banners
    • Pop Up Banners
    • Table Runners
    • Posters
    • Display Sheets
    • Sales Sheets
    • Swag/Take Aways
    • Booth Invites
  • Digital Marketing:
    • E-mails
    • Digital Campaign assets
    • Welcome Series E-Mails
  • Packaging & In-Store Promo Material:
    • POP Displays
    • Info Cards
    • End Cap Mockups
    • 3D Packaging Mockups
Etc.! On and on, options are endless. We'll discuss and decide on exact Collateral for each package during your In-Depth Consultation, then any/all Collateral following can be implemented with your Discounted Hourly Rate or within a Custom Retainer.

Do you write my content?

While I get very involved and in-depth with suggesting content, I don't take responsibility (or liability) for writing content. Often times I will pull from your current content and make edits as I see needed. If you do not have any content at all for me to base off of, I will use placeholder text. If you'd like help with content creation, we can work together within a Consulting premises to create content together, or we can explore finding a third-party content writing contractor together. Suggested Content I might create during the Brand Identity Process:

  • Headlines or Hooks
  • Subheadlines
  • Taglines or Slogans
  • Elevator pitch or Business description
  • Concise mission statement or core values
  • Key Points or Product Features
*Again, this content comes up organically during the process, performed as a courtesy, and is not guaranteed.

Do you offer Referral Rates?

I do! Please Contact Me if you're interested!

What is the Payment Plan?

Payment Expectations for the Brand Identity Process

  • $5,000
  • Over 3 months, depending on client feedback
  • Deposit of 30% ($1,500) due up front
  • Remaining Balance broken down into three payments, due following each stage
    • $1,175 – 1st Payment due after Mood Board stage or 1 Month Following Consult
    • $1,175 – 2nd Payment due after First Draft of Deliverables or 2 Months Following Consult
    • $1,150 – 3rd Payment due after First Draft of Deliverables or 3 Months Following Consult
  • Total balance must be paid in full in order to receive final assets, files, deliverables, and Brand Guidelines.

Why was the Brand Identity Process developed?

There were many reasons that lead me to consolidate my services to only offer the Brand Identity Process. After working with numerous clients, I realized these common road blocks. My Brand Identity Process has been developed over the years to: Resolve reoccurring issues my clients were running into with designs and designers Accommodate Client Budgets and Restraints
Many of my clients prefer to invest in an in-depth process that explores market research and options, ensures a design they'll be satisfied with, establishes a solid foundation to build off of, and all within a set budget so there are no surprises due to long processes or multiple rounds of revisions. Communicating Design Direction Most of my clients are CEOs or original Founders of their business, which tends to mean they are creative by nature, multi-talented, multi-facted, and struggle to reign in the many different layers of themselves or their business into a succinct, cohesive, impactful visual brand identity. This often creates a discrepancy between what my clients have tried to communicate to past designers, and how those designers translated that into a finished design. Collaborating in this process helps us work through step-by-step through the many variables and possibilities of design look and style, to hit closer to what my clients' envision sooner. Because Owners Need to Explore to Decide After talking with clients, I found that without doing all the research and exploring all the options, creative CEO/business owner types tended to either want to cycle through redesigns and revisions, OR struggled to make decisions they could commit too. Every design decision becomes a point of tension, and elongates the process longer than necessary. Tackling Bigger, Underlying Issues Surprisingly, this process has sometimes been helpful in getting gears turning for my clients' in many aspects of business and marketing, such as:

  • Verbalizing mission, drive, values, key themes, key selling points, that later help with content creation and marketing
  • Identifying their target audience and client avatar, that often times help with pin pointing marketing options, placement, even price points, etc.
  • Clarifying their direction, in turn clarifying their marketing strategy
Cap Off More Decisions + Maximize Marketing In absence of a set Brand Guide, owners were continuing to make tiny design decisions every time they worked on a new piece. This took up large chunks of their time, energy, and focus. With a set Brand Guide, all those decisions are made in advanced, and decisions moving forward should only be regarding content and small details. An added bonus is this allows businesses to maintain consistency, build your brand equity, lower expenses, and maximize marketing efforts over time.

How long does the Brand Identity Process take?

How long does the Brand Identity Process take?

  • Short answer, typically 2-3 months
Typical Timeline Break Down:
  • Client & Designer have Initial In-Depth Consultation
  • Designer sends Mood Board options 1 week following Consult
  • Client responds with Mood Board choice (typically takes at least 1 week to respond)
  • Designer sends Logo & Brand Identity Presentation 3-4 weeks following Client's Mood Board response (may vary if revisions occur during Mood Board stage)
  • Client & Designer have After Presentation Consult – Where we discuss which Logo & Brand Identity option you prefer, what you liked, what you didn't like, what revisions you'd like to see to deliverables (typically occurs 1-2 weeks following receiving proposals)
  • Designer sends First Draft of Deliverables
  • Client responds with Revisions. Revision stage continues until completed. (Invoice for Final Payment will be sent following first draft. Any revisions in excess of agreed range specified in the package will be charged at a discounted hourly rate.)
  • Client makes Final Payment
  • Designer sends finished Final Deliverables, Brand Assets, and Brand Guidelines
Has it ever been faster?
  • No, often times clients value taking their time to decide on a Logo & Brand Identity option, and then again taking their time to come back with full, thorough revisions, so the process has almost always averaged out to about 3 months
Has it ever been slower?
  • Yes! As I've said, this process can sometimes be very clarifying, which means some business owners want to take a minute to marinate, reconvene with their team, make sure they're deciding on a design they know they will commit to investing in (think other collateral, printed trade show material, manufactured packaging)
  • Sidenote: Any break in work longer than 6 weeks for any Service Package may incur a Pause in Work Fee of $500, and may subject work to continue at the fixed $150 hourly rate.
Is it possible to complete this process faster?
  • Speeding up the process slightly may be possible, but is not suggested. Often times rushing the process results in a unsatisfying results and numerous rounds of revisions, increasing the final balance in the end.
  • However if you're tight on a deadline and determined to speed up the process, Contact Me, and we can discuss your custom timeline. If so, it will be at an increased rate to accommodate rearranging other client project schedules and priorities.
Learn more about the possible Timeline or Download an Example Timeline PDF.

History + How I developed this process

Research, Concepts, Thumbnails, Execution The Brand Identity Process is not a new or original concept. It follows a similar process that most professional designers utilize. When exploring new designs, most designers start off with hours of research, composing general concept, "thumbing" (or drawing rough sketches) of what it might look like, then lastly taking it to the computer and actually implementing the design. However, rather than keeping this work behind the scenes, and only presenting the pitch perfect vision to clients, I realized clients wanted to be more involved, and began including clients sooner in the process. Taking Myself Out of the Equation Even within the same industry, there are so many ways you can take a design in regards to font, color, tone, style. Designers often take what a client dictates, and apply their first interpretation to tackle the project. However, I realized this approach starts things off based on my personal bias. So I began presenting Mood Boards to clients before starting any design work, to confirm I understood their vision accurately. Deliverables and Empowerment A pet peeve of mine as I was starting in business, was realizing how many clients had hired designers who didn't provide them with the full scope of assets they needed to carry their brand forward. Clients would be missing fonts, exact color codes, and even high res logo files. My goal is always to empower my client and their brand by giving them everything they need to move their brand forward effectively, with or without me. As such, I started including specified collateral pieces and all brand assets into my package. This way the budget is always within your control, there's no fear of exceeding too far past it, and the brand can exist as it should without restraint.

5W+H Basics

WHO is this Process a best fit for?

Ready for Next Level Growth Stage ​Specifically tailored for businesses who have passed the start-up stage and are ready to expand. Want an Easy but Thorough Process Thought out, in-depth process, with design decisions made for a reason, backed by research, education, and years of experience. In Need of a Brand Director To lead company or in-house designer, without having to hire a full time director position.

WHAT to expect when we work together?

Agency Level, Boutique Atmosphere High end agency quality design, without the stuffinessor hoops a larger design agency might come with. Neat & Tidy 3 Month Process Nix the no-end-in-sight months of process and revision cycles. Everything you need in a brand in 3 months. Boom. Done! Affordable After Plan After you choose a brand, I can work with your team at an hourly Consulting rate, similar to a Brand Director, without the in-house cost.

WHEN to expect turn arounds? Timeline Overview

TIMELINE Exact timelines for any project rely heavily on client feedback. To estimate an accurate

  • Start Date: In-Depth Brand Consultation
  • + 1 Week: Mood Board Options Delivered
  • + 1 Week: Client chooses a Mood Board Option
  • + 3-4 Weeks: Brand Identity Options Delivered
  • + 1 Week: Client chooses a Brand Option
  • + 1-2 Weeks*: 1st Round of Revisions + 1st Draft on Chosen Collateral
  • + 1-2 Weeks* Back & Forth: 2nd & 3rd Rounds of Revision
  • + 1 Week Later: Brand Guide, Brand Assets, Native Files, and completed Collateral delivered
  • Total = 8-12 Weeks
*Depends on amount of revisions or collateral choices. ** Depends on amount of revisions, collateral choices, and how quickly client provides feedback Download Timeline Estimate PDF

HOW to get started?

To start the Process...

  • E-Mail or Schedule a 15 min. call to inquire (below)
  • Pay 30% Deposit
  • Sign Terms
  • Schedule Brand Consultation

WHY you need a brand now more than ever?

A Prime Time to Be a Small Business Owner Today's online space has created an open platform for consumers' needs and values to be heard. As it turns out, they're demanding higher quality, transparent business ethics, and sincere, genuine interactions. Now more than ever, the playing field has been leveled, allowing smaller businesses to do more, reach more people, and make more sales, without needing a big corporate marketing budget. How Branding Can Help You Although ideal, it can still be confusing for business owners to know where to start. How do you separate yourself from competition when there's so much of it? How can you make sure your brand holds its own against competitors without looking so similar, it gets lost in the blur? What's the balance between looking high quality, without feeling inaccessible? How do you communicate your mission in a glance? This internal conflict is where Branding can help and I'd love to show you how.​

WHERE does all the magic happen?

I'm located in sunny San Diego, and open to taking all clients nationwide. All meetings take place over Zoom video chat or by phone. Mostly adding in this question just to get all 5 W's in! Ha! ;)

DELIVERABLES: What's included in this package?


  • 1-Hour Brand Consultation via Zoom or Skype
  • 3 x Mood Board Options
  • 3 x Brand Identity Options
  • 1-3 Rounds of Revision
  • 1-3 Pieces of Collateral*
  • Brand Guidelines
  • All Brand Assets and Native Files
*Dependent on Choice and Content

COLLATERAL: How to choose your final designed pieces?

1-3 PIECES INCLUDED To make sure every client leaves with a brand that's ready to use and launch ASAP, I've included a few branded collateral pieces with every Brand Identity Process package. Exact pieces can be determined during the Brand Consultation. The amount provided range depending on how many hours each piece will take, totaling to 8-10 hours of work. ​​ CHOICES COULD INCLUDE Free of Charge *Included with every package (limit 1-2 revisions)

  • Business Cards
  • E-Mail Signature
  • Brand Assets for Letterhead, Social Media, etc.
2-3 Hour Range​
  • 1-Page Flyers & Promo
  • Tri-Fold Brochures
  • Social Media Canva Template
4-6 Hour Range
  • Social Media Preview Curation
  • Website Banners & Direction
  • Sales Flyers or Landing Pages
  • 3-5 Page Pitch Decks
7-8+ Hour Range* *Can only be purchased through Service Packages that utilize a third party contractor to implement.
  • Website Design
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Social Media Marketing & Content Strategy
VARIABLES Amount of time spent per each collateral piece relies heavily on content and direction provided by client. For example, unedited or large amounts of content are likely to take longer. EXCEEDS THE HOUR RANGE If revisions or amount of content cause any collateral pieces to exceed 8-10 hours, all time spent after will be billed at an hourly rate of $125. Hourly rate available for existing clients only.


Signed Terms & Deposit Due for Work to Begin

Signed Terms and Deposit are due in order for work to begin. An Estimate & Terms will be sent by e-mail to sign virtually or physically and then returned. Deposit amount is 30% of Brand Identity Package rate = $1500 USD


Variables may change the final balance and timeline, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Revisions or additions
  • Late feedback or content
  • Rushed deadlines
  • Late deposit or payments

Specific Requirements

Specific Requirements regarding preparation of files, printing, etc., must be submitted to Kat Mai Designs by e-mail in writing prior to start. Client retains responsibility over managing and providing any technical requirements necessary in order to complete project, including communication with client’s choice of printer, manufacturer, die lines, etc. Written requests can be sent to

Proofing, Errors, & Final Print Responsibilities

Any proofing, revising, and editing performed by Designer is done at Designer discretion and as a courtesy service. All Final Proofing and Print Responsibilities belong to the Client. Client is 100% responsible and liable for any errors, mis-prints, miscommunications with printers or third party services, etc. that may occur.

Point of Contact (POC)

A Point of Contact (POC) must be specified to hold the responsibility of:

  • Overseeing and communicating project management and timelines on behalf of Client
  • Providing all necessary content, directions, or materials from Client or Subcontractors
  • Permitting Kat Reyes Design rights and usage of all necessary content or materials from Client or Subcontractors
  • Authorizing approvals throughout project
  • Approval of all tangible materials

Business Hours & Days

Typical Business Hours & Days are to be respected by both Client and Kat Mai Designs, and all work and contact to be conducted within the standard work week (defined below). Kat Mai Designs is closed on all major holidays and the entire week of Christmas. In-Office Hours: 9am-5pm PST* Monday-Friday *Flexibility to accommodate varying time zones or schedules available with notice.


E-Mail is the preferred method of communication. Designer aims to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours, however, in order to provide the best service to all clients equally, please allow up to two business days for response on any messages sent to Kat Mai Designs by phone, email, text, or other.

Turn Around Time & Rush Fees

Turn Around Time Designer goal is to always provide the best quality work within an efficient time frame, respectful to all clients and team members, and as such projects are planned out and scheduled up to 1-2 weeks in advance. Thus, depending on scope of project, please allow up to 2 weeks turn around on new project requests, and up to 2-3 days on revisions. Rush Fees

  • 1.5x the hourly rate for requests with a turn around time of less than 1 week
  • 2x the hourly rate for requests with a turn around time of 24-48 hours
  • Projects requesting a same or next day turn around cannot be guaranteed.

Payments & Non-Payments

Aside from Deposits, all payments are due within 14 days of Invoice Date and can be made with the following options. Payment Options include:

  • Business, Personal, or Cashier’s Check
    to Kat Reyes Design (Not Kat Mai Designs)
    A mailing address will be provided to you by e-mail
    Please remember that delayed payments can result in a delay of process or deliverables

  • Direct Deposit
    Inquire with for details

  • PayPal
    Including a 0.3% transaction fee sent to

NON-PAYMENT grants Designer right to suspend work and/or withhold issuing any project deliverables. Late Fees will incur as follows from Invoice Date:
  • 15 days: $25
  • 30 days: $50
  • 30+ days: $50 + 10% monthly charge
PAUSE IN WORK FEE of $500 will be incurred after any break in work of longer than 6 weeks for Service Package Agreements. Work may be continued at the fixed $175 an hour rate unless negotiated otherwise.

Unresolvable Disputes

Any unresolvable disputes between Client and Designer will be settled by third party mediation to be chosen by Kat Reyes Design at that time. In the event any party pursues litigation, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its actual reasonable attorney's fees and reasonable associated costs.

Level of Rights

Level of Rights for intellectual property and/or materials created under this contract will be detailed on Invoice and transferred to Client upon receipt of final payment for deliverables. Samples, Credit, or any rejected Design Work or Options are allowed to Kat Reyes Design at Designer's discretion unless written and agreed otherwise.

Overview to Terms

Terms are to ensure a healthy work relationship between both parties, Client and Designer. Many of the following terms are applicable to current clients, for projects following the completion of a Service Package. For new clients, a link to sign terms virtually and a PDF to keep on record will be e-mailed to you.