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Tropical Leaves

The Plug & Play, Easy Way of Getting Your Biz Started and Marketing Going

gain vision + clarity + a plan

gain vision + clarity + a plan

Affordable Branding for those who...

  • Are struggling to pull all the pieces of your biz & your brand together

  • Can't figure out how to make your business monetize

  • Know your messaging isn't clear, so it's not converting

  • You're overwhelmed with marketing and don't know where to start 

  • You need help getting out of your own head to take real, sustainable steps forward

when the vision is clear,

the strategy is easy

Image by Kristian Egelund

turn your business into a recognizable brand

The difference between a business and a BRAND is in how easily it's recognized by its ideal customers. A well thought out brand will help...

  • Make your marketing more effective and save you money in the long run

  • Make it easier for clients to say, "YES! I want that!"

  • Create a system that starts working on its own, with less effort


How? Branding. 

Tropical Leaves

build solid strategy + foundation first

There are a lot of courses out there that tell you the what and how, and shove you out the door with a plan that worked for them, but not for you! So often people get stuck and struggle to implement their expensive course, because they haven't taken the time to do the groundwork yet.

Your marketing is only as effective as the strength of your strategy.


Strategy is difficult to create without vision.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl


visually + verbally

These days, it's not enough to just have the right words, if no one reads it. It's not enough to just look good if your target audience doesn't identify with it. You need to have the combination of both for strong, effective brand marketing.


a realistic

marketing plan

It can be so overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to marketing online. And the daily upkeep of it often leaves business owners drained and burnt out.

In this group, we'll...

  • Kindergarten Approach It – Ridiculously easy, step by step process to unpack your strategy. I can even sing you a song if you'd like.

  • Answer Very Specific Questions
    in bullet point form that will be the base work for all your content

  • Use my Plug & Play System
    to plot and implement all the goods

make sure you're

monetizing!! the largest font I could fit because it's that important.


A lot of the “I made 6 or 7 figures in X amount of time” people got big by selling how to sell. How to sell on Instagram, how to sell passive income, how to build a YouTube, Podcast, Clubhouse following. But often times they skip the most important steps, laying the groundwork for the actual money making side of your whole business. So how can you make their tactics work for your specific business? Together we will focus on creating an actionable plan that is custom fit specifically for you.



And to make sure you don't get stuck, each person gets...


a complimentary


for each beta member!

Learning new concepts is hard enough. On top of that, our inner workings sometimes create mental and emotional blocks that cause us to hold ourselves back or make it difficult to step outside our own brains to answer these questions.

To combat that, I've built in one free 1-on-1 consultation for each member so you can get custom advice, specific to you and your business. I want to make sure you're walking away with what you need from this program, and that will differ per person, so let's just chat about it, so we can get you where you want to go.

there will never be the right time.

stop waiting and start doing.



the goal

Is to help you create the content, strategy, and teach you how to pull together everything you see above, using my Plug & Play System.


  • 72 x Different Posts >> That's 3 months of content if you post 6 x a week)

  • 4 x InstaStory & Highlight Threads

  • 4 x Video 1 minute Scripts

  • 4 x Reels

  • 1 x Landing Page

  • 1 x Sales or Pitch Deck

  • Brand Strategy

  • Instagram Aesthetic

  • Brand Assets, Fonts, Colors, etc. to begin building a recognizable brand

all custom to you!


If you're still struggling to pull together visuals that make you feel confident and happy, then we can talk about 1-on-1 design services at a beta member discount rate after we get through the program.

Image by Chad Madden

the easiest

form of instruction


Short, 15 minute videos, 3x a week on Facebook. 

Why? Because I know you're already on your phone. Just hop on to the group, no need to sign into any external websites. Quick listen while you start your day, make your lunch, or drive home for work. Easy!

what to expect


doing the groundwork

This is where we discuss all the biz basics to make sure we're creating a strategy that works for you. Some biggies will include going over:

  • Pricing & Packages to make the decision to buy easy

  • FEEEEELINGS that your ideal client is dealing with that drives them to buy

  • Key Points to narrow down and repeat so you have a tight messaging system


basics of branding

I'll teach you the difference between the choices a professional designer makes and the free or affordable template assets from Canva or the like. Things like...

  • Creating a Unique Look that becomes recognizeable

  • Finding a Look That Fits both you and how your audience expects you to look

  • Easy Easy DIY Tips so you're empowered to keep moving forward on your own independently


break to implement

Because it's a lot to digest, and everyone is balancing regular/work/family life at the same time, we'll take one week off to catch up, answer questions, and get some feedback from each other.


effective messaging

At the end of the day, content is King. Once you've hooked people with visuals, what you say is what closes the deal, so we'll work on things like...

  • Brand Story (this is the authentic part)

  • Pain Points that keep your ideal client up at night

  • Transformation they hope to see by investing in your product, service, or offering


pulling it all together

Once you've got all the groundwork done, we'll plop it all into whatever collateral makes most sense for you. In the group we'll go over...

  • A Plug & Play System to plop all the work you just did into a landing page, social media strategy, and more.

  • Marketing Funnels that are simple but effective for you

  • Partnerships + Networking methods to keep it going and growing


do the thang!

We'll end the program with one last week of implementation. Of course this is optional, but it's one open week of being able to get direct feedback, Q+A, support, and help from the group before we close.

Two Guys

50% off

for friends

Because I know the power in accountability. Because this work is often vulnerable. And because it helps having a friend to bounce things off of. Your friend gets 50% off when you join together. 

Friend Discount

all the details



Over a decade of design experience in a wide range of industries. Some of my work can be found at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, San Diego Zoo, Postal Annex, Costco, Sam's Club, and more.


Now I'm on a mission to bring brand visions to life for big thinkers, cycle breakers, and thought leaders.


Why? Ten years ago, I was depressed, in a toxic relationship, struggling as a single parent, and unemployed. I've since realized the steps I took to change my life and start my business, was my way of rebranding myself.

Now I want to empower and support anyone else brave enough to share their stories, services, art, or solutions with the world.


The Brand Identity Process was fun and forced me to focus. It sent me on a year+ of solid growth. 2019 was up 33% after launching in October 2018. Kat was amazing from start to finish on our project! I tend to way overthink everything. She somehow knew how to wade through all the 'thinking' to get to the 'feeling' of my brand. She was able to put something together that was not only gorgeous to look at, but felt right, too. I am always so excited to show off what ever she puts her touch on!"


what you'll get




so you feel confident knowing exactly  what you're doing and why



that communicates your value to exactly the people who need it

easiest form of


bc life is busy, so you'll get digestible bits of info on an app you already have



to make sure tackling your goals actually works with your every day life

easy cohesive

visual brand

so you build brand equity, making an impact in people's minds

plug and play


for creating your landing page, social media content, and more



to get direct, custom feedback for when you're feeling stuck



that actually works for you, instead of draining & overwhelming you

accountability +


support, encouragement, and a pod of people to engage and get feedback

Green Leaves

starts monday, april 5th

last day to sign up is thursday, april 1st

priced to sell!

Because this is a beta test group, this program is priced dirt cheap in exchange for your reviews and feedback. :)


The Brand Identity Process for Commercial + Product – $5000+


The Brand Identity Process for Small Business – $3000


2 Day Strategy Intensive – $500


1-on-1 Coaching – $125 an hour

limited availability

To keep the group intimate and feedback the most custom quality, admission will be capped out at 10-12 people, or 5-6 friend pairings.

Tropical Leaves

it's time to

show up


Grab a friend and sign up today. 

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