Tropical Leaves


For new to business or business curious, there are so many things to make sure your biz and brand are off to a good start. Let's talk about whatever it is you need help with in an hour session, at your pace, to get you going in the right direction.

Clarify Vision + Direction

Are you're struggling to know what direction to go in? Not sure how to turn your purpose or art into a business? Need help clarifying what you offer or how to monetize in the first place?

Target Audience + ICA

The most important component to any successful business is knowing who you're selling too. If you don't, you could be wasting time, money, and energy and completely miss your ideal client.

Messaging + Content

Copy writing and content creation is a whole other job (literally!) But it can be easier and more natural than you think. Let's define your Brand Voice, Story, and easy ways to create your own. content.

Biz + Brand Basics

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, lonely, and scary! Together we can outline some basics to get you started either setting up your business or DIYing your brand.

Marketing Funnels

With so many avenues and marketing tactics out there, which to choose? Which platform to promote on? Ad spend or no? Let's talk about your biz and see which is the best route for you.

Implementation Strategy

No other work you do matters if you don't also show up, implement, and market yourself! Together we can come up with a practical and sustainable plan custom fit for you and your lifestyle.


So excited to be here and all your help within an hour of meeting you! WOW! Your article about starting helped me immensely! I got my funnel done today! And my website!

Tropical Leaves

– 1 x hour sessions over Zoom or Phone

– continue at your pace

– best suited for 0-3 years in business


Per Session • Paid in Full Upfront

OR, 4 sessions for $400


– assigned homework
– PDF of notes reviewing call
– does not include design