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Former Fox News Anchor, Jenna Lee Babin, wanted to create a news platform for the busy woman to keep up-to-date on just the facts, without getting overwhelmed in a world with conflicting news media. Together we created square cards to provide bite-sized news for the busy woman!


Brand Identity Process

   01. Mood Board

   02. Logo + Brand Identity Process

   03. Deliverables + Brand Guide


"Before I launch into anything else... Let me just say how much I appreciate your hard work. You are truly talented. And it is remarkable to be part of this process. I feel so inspired! THANK YOU. This is incredibly exciting. I love so much about what you sent. I love the brand design… It’s beautiful and strong and is more than I ever, ever could’ve imagined starting this process… It’s mind-blowing."

– Jenna Lee Babin, owner of SmartHer News


Following an in-depth Consultation, I spend a whole week researching your company, goals, audience, competitors, etc., to narrow down 3 look and feel options that would make the most sense for what you're trying to accomplish. I've found it to be more effective to  first set the tone, and have that direct the logo and brand identity designs,  versus wasting time designing too wide and exploring options that are not relevant for the "vibe" you're trying to depict.


Based off the chosen Mood Board, I develop 3 different Logo and Brand Identity sets. One style can go so many ways, and likely, your target audience has been exposed to many competitors similar to you. So our goal at this stage is to create as realistic of a brand mock up we can, so you can fully visualize your product, brand, how it stands up on the shelf, next to competition, and if it's a good fit for you and your team.


After choosing a Logo and Brand Option, I set your Brand Guidelines and begin implementing your brand onto your chosen collateral pieces or product packaging. These guidelines will include any and all instructions you may need to ensure your brand stays consistent over a long period of time, so you can effectively build up your brand awareness and brand equity.


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