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Complimentary Consult for Group Members

Last Date Bookings will be Accepted: May 14th

Bring a Friend Discount

1-hr Free Consult for Plug + Play Brand + Marketing Build Out Members Learning new concepts is hard enough. On top of that, our inner workings sometimes create mental and emotional blocks that cause us to hold ourselves back or make it difficult to step outside our own brains to answer these questions. To combat that, I've built in one free 1-on-1 consultation for each member so you can get custom advice, specific to you and your business. I want to make sure you're walking away with what you need from this program, and that will differ per person, so let's just chat about it, so we can get you where you want to go. ***Last Day to Book: May 14th*** Book a Consultation for any date May 14th or before. If you have issues, or need a time outside of the allotted provided, please contact Kat directly!

  • 1 h
  • Zoom Video Chat

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