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Equilibrio Massage

The Brand Identity Process was fun and forced me to focus. It sent me on a year+ of solid growth. 2019 was up 33% after launching in October 2018.


Kat was amazing from start to finish on our project! I tend to way overthink everything. She somehow knew how to wade through all the 'thinking' to get to the 'feeling' of my brand. She was able to put something together that was not only gorgeous to look at, but felt right, too. I am always so excited to show off what ever she puts her touch on!"


Earth's Natural Clay

Brand Identity Services in Partnership with Pearl Resourcing

Watch Graham's Video Testimonial Below

I can't recommend them highly enough. They did an awesome job with our rebrand and our repackaging. What we found is their a very unique group. They not only helped us with the creative, and guided us through all the decision making process, they really held our hand through the way. We do a lot of marketing, but in a space that really has nothing to do with consumer products. So we were flying blind, had no idea where to start, and they added so much value to the process, and we would still be lost without them because they guided us every step of the way. Couldn't recommend them highly enough, great team, really appreciate all the interactions, the countless communications were spot on and really helpful. 

Kat who lead the design effort is extraordinary, phenomenal designer, and just couldn't be happier with outcome, and we have high hopes that the new rebrand will lead to more sales... 5 stars, couldn't be happier with Pearl Resourcing. 


The Perfect Bite Co.

Regarding Home Page Redesign Mood Boards: 
I am so happy to see the first stage of your work. I will be interested to see what the team falls in love with. Thanks so much!

Regarding Home Page Redesigns: 
So excited to see this – really looks great. Let me digest – so much to sort through!

Regarding New Cookie Line Packaging Design:
These are amazing - thank you so much! I love all the fonts, wording, and clever look. You managed to make the logo look updated. Woot woot! 

Regarding Pitch Deck Design to Possible Partners:
Kat – I want to cry right now. You make my lame ideas look so f*ing fantastic. As long as I work... you have to be on my team.

Brian Warde G4.png


Regarding Web Designs:
Kat! You killed it on these, I'm in love. Thank you, this is a perfect start to the art direction. I'll take some time over the next few days and get some notes together, but I couldn't have asked for a better starting point. Sooo excited. We also received the Brand Assets and Map, thank you!

From Leah, on G4 Team, regarding same project:
I second that. You crushed it Kat! You're an inspiration! 


SmartHER News

Regarding Logo & Brand Identity Presentation:
​– Before I launch into anything else... let me just say how much I appreciate your hard work. You are truly talented. And it is remarkable to be part of this process. I feel so inspired! THANK YOU. This is incredibly exciting. I love so much about what you sent. 

Regarding Finalizing Brand:
I love the brand design… It’s beautiful and strong and is more than I ever, ever could’ve imagined starting this process… It’s mind-blowing.


Pearl Resourcing + Emily Anne Page Growth Consulting

Via Text, after receiving Logo & Brand Identity Presentation:
Kat, I’m in love with you!!!
Damn it!!!! You’re so good. You read my mind. How did you do that?!?!?
You’re a magical unicorn.

Regarding Logo & Brand Identity Presentation:
First reaction: How does she understand me so well?! It’s as though she read my mind because she so wonderfully captured my style and what I want to communicate. She took the jumble of words and ideas in our brainstorming session and turned them into a strong, beautiful design that communicates better than words exactly what I want to say. I love her!

Regarding Continued Work:
– Kat has incredible intuition and the ability to take ideas and turn them into graphics that communicate the heart of a message. Her designs are fresh, fun and her work ethic professional and from the heart. I enthusiastically recommend her to everyone I know!


Me Tyme Network

I literally want to cry. This is exactly what I was envisioning for a brand that says best in class. NOW I have the visuals and identity to back me up when I talk to people. It's given me a major confidence boost and I believe this will give the same feeling to investors and partners.


Essence Discovery Center

Via Text, after receiving Logo & Brand Identity Presentation:
Supah fantastical!!

Graham Vid
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