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An effective brand can only be as powerful and impactful when it's based on fully understanding the business, its purpose, clients, and goals. This is what we strive to do in 6 sessions, spread out over 2-3 days, BEFORE designing, like a strategy intensive!

Brand Attributes

Goal of this session is to come up with a clear Brand Statement that represents each key aspect of your business, from culture, customers, voice, feeling, impact, and x-factor.

Goals Prioritization

To make sure we never lose sight of our goals, during this session, we clarify your how you're making money, how you're spreading awareness, and what systems you may (or may not) have in place.

Data Matching

The goal of this session is to generate ideas, features, and solutions based on matching your top 3 business goals with the top 3 customer needs. This marriage is where the magic happens!

Customer Profiles

Always more eye-opening than clients realize, this session is all about understanding anything and everything regarding your Ideal Client, their experience, and why they need you. 

Attribute Clustering

After understanding ourselves, our customers, and our goals better, we'll come back to Brand Attributes, this time narrowing down even more to focus on Voice, Feeling, and Impact.

Impact Narrative

As the final step, we combine everything we've worked on to create impactful stories that speak directly to your customer through each of the buyer life stages, from Discovery to Advocate.


GRAHAM S., Earth's Natural Clay

Kat who lead the design effort is extraordinary, phenomenal designer, and just couldn't be happier with outcome, and we have high hopes that the new rebrand will lead to more sales... 5 stars, couldn't be happier. (Performed in partnership with Pearl Resourcing.)


– 6 sessions, totaling to about 9 hours

– spread out over 2-3 days, depending on your availability

– best to schedule back to back

– great for teams & well established businesses 3-5+ years


Flat Fee • Paid in Full Upfront


– finished Brand Book + Strategy
– 1 x complimentary Design Mood Board

– optional to progress into design phase or take learnings to move forward with another design team

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